Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Thrift-store Scrounging

I have a fiendish number of these - old magazines, music books and sewing patterns. I keep them in a large box next to my bed, ready to have a quick rifle when the mood takes me. The image below, and that at the bottom are the covers of magazines I found in a Vintage shop in Stockholm - I could have bought all of them, but only came away with three or four. The 'Sunshine and Flowers' one is pretty girly; I had it framed above my bed at one point, but have substituted it for a black and white (possibly Edwardian-era) print of a lady holding a baby. 

At some point, should I eventually have my own flat or house, I want to frame all of these old prints and have them hung. I also plan to have a second-hand magazine rack for the many, many old mags that I refuse to throw away - and a better space for my shoes (at the moment I have one of those Ikea shoe things that you hang from your wardrobe). 

I found this old music score book in a charity shop in Dorset. There were sooo many, each for a quid. In retrospect I should have got more. Pah. 

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